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MAP's focus is in the area of material compliance. I work with small and medium-sized companies with a spatial focus on Baden-Württemberg. I see myself as your personal navigator through the complex world of material compliance regulations. ONE contact person. ONE way.


MAP - your Navigation system for material compliance


in just three stages




we achieve our goal, the material compliance for your products


Material compliance is a product characteristic.

Material Compliance increases the value of your product.


Whether as a manufacturer, importer, dealer, formulator or seller, everyone is obliged to meet the material compliance requirements. The consumer is an exception, he has no obligations from specifications such as REACH or RoHS - but he is the person concerned due to the lack of product conformity.


If material compliance requirements are not adhered to, your product is simply inadequate. You must therefore be able to provide information about the materials in your products that are necessary to comply with the specifications at all times. Often the situation is complicated and opaque for companies – and suddenly you are confronted with a recall, loss of image and fines.


My customers benefit from sustainable processes, in which you and your company can provide the necessary evidence at any time and have the certainty that all materials are used properly.


Another focus of my work is on analysis and projects.

Sustainable material compliance workflow for your company

Material Compliance Consulting, Product Compliance Consulting, REACH, RoHS, Conflict minerals, POP, and various other regulations and directives.


Against the background of harmlessness for humans and nature, there are so-called material compliance guidelines and regulations at EU level. In the area of the environment, these include, for example, the REACH regulation, the RoHS directive, the ELV directive and the POP regulation. The obligation to provide evidence of the materials used also applies to purchased components. Often - especially smaller companies - are at their limits with the growing bureaucratic requirements.


With a material compliance workflow that is individually tailored to the respective company and integrated into the existing processes, the MC requirements can be met in the long term.


With the concept offered, product conformity can be guaranteed, i.e. you can prove on customer request that your products meet the basic requirements of directives, regulations and harmonized standards.


Customer satisfaction increases, the liability risks decrease and the complex topic, including the impending penalties, is no longer terrifying.

Analysis and projects

Analysen und Auswertungen


You have lists, processes, key figures, test results ... – in short: data collections that are waiting for evaluations?

I would be happy to support you in the analysis of any data in your company.

Unterstützung bei Projekten


I support companies and research institutions in research, project management and development. In this way, project parts or steps in the internal processes can be outsourced and skills can be added.

Are you looking for individual advice on your material compliance workflow or do you as a company or research institution need support with analysis or projects? Ask me without obligation.